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Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Trish Yang, 26 years old, happily married to the man of my dreams and we have a furbaby name Lady, currently residing in California. I am the 5th child out of 8, 3 brothers, 4 sisters. I was born in California, raised in South Carolina for over 20 years. South Carolina is still home to me and I’m still trying to adjust. My greatest passion is wellness in all aspects of life, whether it’s fitness, nutrition, or mindset. That’s what led me to become a health and fitness advocate, where I focus on all of those. I also hold wellness groups where I help others who struggle with fitness and nutrition.

I started out very young being free spirit and the willingness to persevere. This mindset has helped me tremendously in everything I have done in life, with school, relationships, work, etc.

At a young age, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted in life yet but I knew I wanted to live freely. I wanted to experience the world and see what was out there for me. It wasn’t until I found fitness in 2011, and I fell in love with it and it was a way out for me for everything in my life.

The first 3 years of my fitness journey, I exercised at home by myself, I was my own motivator and partner. In 2013, I decided to join a fitness/wellness group (same as those I hold right now) and it took me to a whole new level. I see all these other individuals just like me reaching and striving for their fitness goals. It felt like a family, a community I never had, everyone was encouraging everyone. It pushed me and gave me even more motivation. That’s when I decided to become a coach, I want to help lead others to achieving their goals as well.

Ultimately, the next year I made a choice to compete in the NPC Bikini Competition. I have always been intrigued by bodybuilding. I went in not expecting much from this first show, but I left home with 2 trophies that night- winning first place in my class of ladies and winning the overall title. I since then went on to 2 more shows, placing 1st and 2nd places. These were huge accomplishments for me!

I help ordinary people, just like me, become extraordinary, push past their limits and fears, reach their health and fitness goals, while giving them the opportunity to help others.

My purpose is giving back, making a difference in people’s lives, inspire and motivate others to live a happy and healthy life. My message for all of you is don’t be afraid to love yourself, put yourself first, and stepping out of the norm. Don’t let your fears become your limitations. If you have a message inside of you, you want to give back, you want to make a difference in this world and in your community, don’t be afraid to speak up. Just go for it and don’t let anything or anyone hold you back.

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